Crono: A chronic alcoholic who is often the victim of many painful beatings. He is the leader of this band of "heroes" as they try to save the world, if not the whole universe.
Frog: The warty roommate of Crono and often the moral compass of the group. Frog is a coward but when the need arises he can destroy all in his path.
Mr. Magus: Many fear this powerful sorcerer for he is quick to temper and deadly with his vengeance. He joins the group to find a way to resurrect his lost "love".
Humpy the Leg Fetish: She makes quick friends with Magus and then abruptly disappears, but is she truly gone...remember you can't keep a good leg fetish down.
The Great Gruuru: This strange creature can see through the gates of time and knows all, he is the first to see the horrors that are to befall Termina. He takes offence easily so one must take care in addressing him. Though he is gifted in the ablitly to see into the future he can be very inpet in the present.
Drano: This dark character is Crono's evil twin. They were born at the same time but from different mothers. While Crono was born into the world through a normal birth Drano was created by dark magic. He was created so that he will some day lead the dark race of men to rule the entire world of Termina. Most of his past is unknown but his name causes terror in those who hear it spoken. His interests include candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach...