Strip 47 - History Abhors a Paradox
+ I need a break
This is what happens when a college student gets bored and
gets his hands on some Chrono Trigger sprite sheets.

As I guess people have noticed (all one of you) that I have missed a lot of updates, I have been really, really busy with classes and getting my stuff together for graduation. Because of this I will be taking a break form comic making for a while but this comic isn't dead, I will update when ever I get a chance but they will be few and far between.
I plan to update this site whenever I get a chance so check back every so often.

There is a secret page hidden on this site, if you find it e-mail me the url (ex. http://hi.something.com) of the page and I'll give you credit for finding it on that page.

Feedback will be greatly appreciated , you can contact me at stuckinhell_az@yahoo.com.


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