Metroid 2 Secret Worlds
A very interesting and in depth site on how to enter the many secret worlds of Metroid 2: The Return of Samus.

Planet Zebeth
Sickly twisted, yet oh so funny, this metroid based sprite comic was the inspiration for my comic. Check it out, you will not regret it.

Savage Boredom
Another Metroid based comic strip centered around Samus and her incomptent, dolphin weilding sidekick Ben. Quite cleaver and funny, check it out.

Metroid Animated
Little metroid animations showing the outtakes of the metroid series. Updated daily for your needed dose of funny.

Red VS Blue

Red VS Blue is a Halo based web series that uses the Halo game engine to produce an insanely funny show. Visit this site and you will be there a while viewing all the episodes and laughing like a hyena.


A kick ass art site with a massive amount of art, wallpapers, and application skins. Check out my gallery.

The Shy Guy Kingdom

This is a massive library of game sprites from virtually any game you would want. Check this site out if your in the need of sprites.
A good site to get free or commercial hit counters.

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