"Gamer Genie Metroid" 
          M2 SW - submissions... 

you know some of those secret area's you can get to very early... plus i;ve found some other things... I'll cut up the current picture i have... and explain where it is i found it ;) sorry if you can't handle file attachments... hmm your pictures are gif's i'll convert mine to gif. lets see around world 1 pictures 3 5 to 8 I've been to... but 
picture 8 of world one? i got there another way... not exactly sure but i seem to remember doing the select trick within a secret world... i some how came otu above those blastable rocks... i also found a path one time... opps anyway's i'll attach the gif file(LARGE IMAGE) and explain about that... ok i decided to chop 80% of what i had becuase 
someone already submitted some pictures... ok you want another access way to "world one"? you know that long drop off(well the 2nd) BEFOE COMING TO THE FIRST METROID?(sorry for the caps) you know how long drop going form clif to clif... and at the bottem the pool of water? well do you know the quick access way down? going to the left before going 
down is a secret drop off... anyway's do th select trick there, BE VERY VERY CAREFUL! going too fast can trap you and going to slow doesn't open up the hole :( now what you see in the picture is after you have that hole into the secret world and having gone right alittle bit(past picture 7 of your screen shots) you come to a wall... roll into a 
ball and go past it. this is part of what i maped out. in that area is a bunh of rocks and stuff and "flase rocks"(walking INTO THEM IS REAL standing on them you fall). and alot of save places... if I'm not mistaken this area SHOULD be DIRECTLY beneath the first save game area. some place in htat mess is i tihnk 3 or 4 exits you can take... and 
using the select trick here(if you can manage it(VERY VERY HARD with all those ojbects)) will yield some new area's but the ONE TIME i got stuck... p.s. watch out for paths to ther baby metroid and a LONG LONG path up to the surface of the world(and above your ship too).

Hello you have reached Gamer Genie Metroid, A huge fan of (you guessed it) METROID!!!!!!! I'm just some untalent person who likes exploring the Game genie codes and checking out the metroid acitvty on the web(like METROID DATAbase, Metroid: Changling, and metroid TC)! I have also made a Metorid Lover's Mailing list :) Enjoy and LONG LIVE SAMUS 
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