Destroyable Walls: Metroid II Modification



Destroyable Walls is a modification to Metroid 2 which allows every wall in the game to be destroyed by a standard beam shot. This was made in order to allow Secret World explorers to open up walls at will without having to use the pain-in-the-ass Select/Start trick. It is also handy to allow explorers to bomb themeselves out of walls whenever they get stuck.

This modification was made during the production of M2Edit, Texel's Metroid 2 ROM editor. Think of this as a small sample of many things to come with the completion of the editor.


In order to use this modification, you need to have a Metroid 2 ROM file. Do not ask me for this file, do not ask anybody associated with me for this file... In fact, don't ask anybody. It's illegal to distribute ROM files.

Anyway, the process is simple. I recommend making a duplicate of your Metroid 2 ROM file, because this patching utility won't do so for you. IMPORTANT! The patch must be in the same directory as 'm2bk.exe'. You also must rename the duplicate to METROID2.GB, and this is case sensitive. Otherwise, the patch utility will not work.

Run the included file 'm2bk.exe'. Browse for the ROM file, and patch it. You're done!

Release Notes-

1-12-04: Patch was made public.
1-15-04: Second version (version with enemies) was made in place of the original.
2-18-04: Third version to replace the second, bombing if walls is now possible.

Other Notes-

I made this patch using ipsEXE, a utility available on

Texel made this modification to Metroid 2 via M2Edit. (Coming soon!)

Any questions regarding this modification, Texel or I may be contacted here:

Last Modified: 2-21-04
Jesse D