M2Edit: Metroid II Editor

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M2Edit is a program written for Windows that will allow a user to literally edit the data of Metroid 2. Imagine, being able to bend SR-388 to your own will by removing obstacles, opening up holes to Secret Worlds, or even redraw the entire world to create a whole new game. With this utility, all of that (plus more) is possible.

Its current features include:

-Map editing, making it possible to change the appearance of a room and how it scolls.
-Tile editing, allowing you to completely reshape the interior of a room.
-Pixel editing, so that the appearance of a tile can be changed or modified.

The planned features of the future release include:

-Editing of tile properties (for example, solid, shootable, bombable, damaging or gooey).
-The ability to edit enemies (how their sprite would appear, and how they're placed on the map).
-Placement of items in different places.
-A utility to make a patch of the newly edited image for online distribution.

Check back here for progress and details. Either Texel (the programmer) or I may be contacted through here.


Last Modified: 3-10-04
Jesse D