The Chozo Maze

The Chozo Maze is a seemingly endless Minor World with virtually no boundaries. It's repetitive, and it shadows the vertical shafts in the first ruin, and also those of the last ruin (where the first-form Metroids are located). The walls are not really there, meaning that you can travel in any direction. The only floors that Samus can stand on are horizontal rows, which are composed to bits of Chozos (hence, the name).

"Whoopdi-frickin-doo" you say. If you're an explorer, you will see these places. You have to go through it to access Secret World Two, and also Minor World 10. It can also act as a shortcut between ruins, mostly in item rooms (i.e. Chozo rooms), if you can find the way. I haven't...

Because the Chozo Maze is so large, it's impossible to map. The main reason for that is because when you leave one room to enter another and then return to it, it pulls off the ol' Legend of Zelda Lost Woods trick and changes into a different room. That only happens in a few places, but it's an easy way to get lost. However, it's also an easy way to find some pretty interesting things.

All SW explorers should keep in mind that this is pretty much the "final frontier" in Met2. You'll find out why it's so easy to get lost, but who knows what you might find?

((Screenshots taken by Andy Schmidgall.)

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