Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the Metroid 2 Secret Worlds?
-Glitches. Areas of the game beyond it's normal boundaries.

3. What is the point of going in there?

-It's a great solution to excessive free time..

4. How many Secret Worlds are there?

-Nobody knows. New ones are discovered all the time.

5. What is the Select/Start Trick?

-Dumb question. Click Here.

6. Will you send me every single file and screenshot you have?


7. Who discovered these Secret Worlds?

-I found Worlds 1, 2 and 3, but there are numerous Minor Worlds that other people have found and sent in.

8. Did Nintendo put those there?

-Well, technically they did, but not on purpose. There was a small glitch in the programming of the game in which rapid pressing of the select button would screw up what is sent from the cartridge to the Gameboy.
9. Will this damage for my Gameboy or my game?
-It won't hurt your cartridge at all. But, rapidly pressing the select button can't be the best thing for your Gameboy. Don't get me wrong- it shouldn't hurt your GB one bit, but I hold no responsibility for your GB if it breaks.
10. Yeah like yer site sux. You suck. Secret worlds suck. Could you help me get into SW1?
-People have asked me this.

12. What software did you use to make your graphics?


13. How did you get those M2SW Screenshots?

-I use an emulator and an M2 ROM. From there it's easy to take snapshots.

14. Can I use your screenshots on my page?

-If you ask me first and pay credit where it's due, then no worries here.

15. Doesn't the original Metroid for NES have Secret Worlds too?

-Yep! Believe it or not, they're glitches too.

16. Does Super Metroid have Secret Worlds?

-None that I know of (it's a very stable game).

17. Will you help me with Metroid 2?

-Sure, fire away.

18. wFtxx u. scWrdS aD eDrnN Pl.,z hLp s0b sa poXmrt KmLsx.. ?

-What a waste of a keyboard. Learn how to type.

19. Why isn't there a #2?

-I'm too lazy to do anything about it.
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World One Phase Warping About "Shadowing" M2SW Screenshots
World Two The Select/Start Trick About Section Downloads
World Three Scroll Warp Glitch FAQ SW Enemies
Minor Worlds The Chozo Maze Glitch Archive
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