Secret World Two

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To enter this world, you'll need to be at the second to last ruin of the game (that has the Screw Attack). Go inside the ruin, to where the save point is. (Diagram 1) Now, go to the vertical shaft (that is scattered with blocks) to the right. (2) Turn into a ball. Allow yourself to fall down the left side of the shaft and do the select trick. You will (guaranteed) have to do it more that once, but keep trying!

Once you manage to open up a hole, morph into a Spider Ball to break your fall on side of the wall. (3) Roll upward and into the hole, and pass through. Now you're in! But you're not completely in yet. (4)

You've entered a large (and quite repetitive) area that has bits of Chozo Statues scattered around in it. (5) From from where you have just landed, Space Jump left for exactly two screens (when the screen has scrolled left twice). (6) Once you have gone left for two screens, allow yourself to fall. Position yourself where you can fall through the holes in the top of each screen. (7) After you fall for a few screens, you'll land in an area that looks like this. (8)

You're in! But first, let me tell you where you can save your progress...

From where you've just landed, move left (9) and fall downward, along the right wall. (10) When you see the ledge of the next cavern down, land on it. (11) Then, move right and through the cavern. (12) In the normal game, this cave is filled with spikes, but they won't be causing any problems here. Proceed right, and into the next room. Normally this room is filled with destroyable sand blocks, but in this Secret World they are save points! (13)

You'll notice that where it should say "Save... Press Start" it says "" instead! Hmmm.... Anyway, you can save your progress here, and explore on your own from this point!

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

-Andy Schmidgall, who owns and maintains The Metroid 2 Maniac's Page, has seen some areas of this world before I have. So, I take no credit for this.

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