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Chrono Splinter -

Chrono Trigger told the story of a youth's fateful voyage... Chrono Cross told of that voyage's legacy... However, what really happened before the first defeat of Lavos? They say that a story is only one of many truths. Was Termina saved by a brave band of young adventurers or by a bunch of alcoholic punks? You decide which is the true story.

Savage Boredom -

Here is a unique Metroid sprite comic in a similar vein to Planet Zebeth. This one is suitably different and high on originality, while still retaining its own twisted sense of humor. If you read Zebeth, then you'd be missing out to not read Savage Boredom.

Planet Zebeth -

This is a Metroid-based sprite comic with a very odd, twisted, and unusual sense of humor... Simply brilliant. This is a very complex website, with dozens of hidden pages to find to help with unlocking features in the Project Metroid desktop program. Definitely worth checking out!

Metroid EU -

Formerly Norfair Depths. This is a well established, very high content website with a great depth of info covering the entire series, a vast collection of media, and a widespread forum community. Definitely worth checking out for unique information you won't find anywhere else on the web!

Metroid Galaxy -

Here is another well-known Metroid website with a vastness of information covering the entire series, a fan-comic, polls, petitions and game news, all in a cleanly designed package. Among the most popular of Metroid webpages.

Metroid Galaxy Guide -

This is a very fresh, very original approach to game information from the Galactic Federation's official documentation. Includes not only information but some well-made 3D renditions of the different items from the series. Also includes a store where you can buy T-shirts and other related paraphanelia. Has a very clean, professional design.

Metroid Database -

Perhaps the best-known and eldest Metroid resource on the web. Information on not only Metroid, but all things related to Samus can be found here, as well as a great collection of fan art, fan fiction, and Metroid-related paraphanelia. You'll find a lot here that you won't see anywhere else.

Super Metroid Speed Run -

This is the ultimate guide to completing Super Metroid in the fastest time possible, with 100 % item collection.

Ben's Super Metroid Page -

This site has general game info, but also printable maps of the game.

Zelda 4 Glitches -

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is another GameBoy game famous for secret worlds (and related glitches), using the same type of shadowing as in Metroid 2. This website is the best resource of them I've come across yet. Think of it as the Zelda 4 secret worlds.

Zophar's Domain -

If you've seen the screenshots on my page and wonder how I got them, I used an emulator to play Metroid 2 on my computer. Zophar's Domain offers every known emulator, for almost every computer system, for any kind of game system. It is also the host of the M2SW!

Nintendo Of America -

Nintendo is the creator of the entire Metroid series, and of the excellent game systems that run them.

David Wonn's Unique Video Game Glitches -

This is the best (actually, the only I've seen) game glitch archive online. It has an incredible listing of glitches for almost every Nintendo system, which has games you wouldn't think had any bugs! If you thought Secret Worlds were complex glitches, you should definitely check these out.

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