The Select/Start Trick

The Select/Start Trick, more easily known as the Select Trick, is the key to entering Secret Worlds. Keep in mind that this is most easily pulled off with an old-school Gameboy. It's a bit more difficult with a GBA or GBASP, but can still be done.

To perform the Select Trick, move Samus along the screen, (downward is recommended because you don't have to hold the D-pad to move). While Samus is moving, press the select or start button as quickly you can. I mean, as if you're on a caffiene high or have Atkinson's disease. If you can hit it quickly enough, you should notice where blocks or rows have shifted or appeared out of nowhere, and there are sometimes even holes in the walls! These holes are often entrances to Secret Worlds.

Another method, which works quite well, is the use of an emulator (available at Zophar's Domain). Keyboard keys are easy to tap quickly. Or, if you've got a Super NES with a Super Gameboy and a turbo controller, just use the CapCom method (put the turbo controller on the slow motion function, which repeatedly hits the start button for you).

Before you enter the holes when you open them, keep in mind that they don't always lead to Secret Worlds. Sometimes, entering them will trap you in a wall and force you to reset the game. Emulation savestates can be quite handy for this reason... but otherwise, it just takes patience.

Because there are only a few places in the game where Secret Worlds are accessible, the purpose of this site is to tell you where the best places are.

My thanks to Tyler Gregg for discovering the Select Trick, and also to CapCom for discovering the Start Trick, and the "CapCom" method!

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