Metroid 2 Game Maps (290 Kb) Game maps, unlike the normal maps below, are maps of the game as laid out in the actual game data. M2Edit is laid out in this manner, and these game maps function as a guide so that you can understand exactly which room is which, and make it much easier to locate one so that you can modify it (like adding platforms or opening walls). Recommended if you use M2Edit. Hand-drawn by CapCom.

Secret World Savestates (29 Kb) These are Metroid 2 savestates for the REW emulator I made which put you directly in front of all three Secret World openings!

Zophar's Domain's REW Download (110 Kb) Here is where you can download the Gameboy emulator, REW. I downloaded it on a slow connection in under a minute, so it's a small file. With this emulator, you can use the Secret World Savestates.

Map Of Metroid 2: By CapCom (HUGE GIF file) This is a very well done map, and the most detailed map you'll see. Its a huge file, but what do you expect for a huge game? Thanks to CapCom for sending this in!
Basic Secret World Maps: Also By CapCom (Zip file) These have had a lot of work put into them even though it doesn't seem like it, but you'd just as soon understand as M2 Secret Worlds are gigantic, and are therefore very frustrating to map. Anyway, these maps are fairly accurate, but to fully understand them you should sit and read the enclosed notes for a minute. Again, thanks CapCom!
Maps of Secret World 2: By CapCom (Zip file) Very similar to the maps above, but these are far more detailed, and all based upon SW2. There are three maps and instructions included with them, to act as sort of a tutorial to understand them better. Using these maps, I found parts of SW2 I never new existed! I guess you could say that this a guide to exploring SW2! ;)
Metroid 4 GameCube
Demo Movie
This is a small Quicktime movie of the Gamecube Demo from Spaceworld, which showed Samus running down a long corridor in a 128-bit 3D environment. No word whether this is an actual game, but it looks cool! (From; Thanks to Etecoon for cropping/converting.)

1. The... Start Trick??? CapCom
2. It is indeed a secret... CapCom
3. New area CapCom
4. M2SW - submissions... A map of SW1 Gamer Genie Metroid
5. Huge Area! Anomaly
6. SW1...MAPPED!!...BMP3 CapCom
7. I think I found something Charles DuMarr
8. The End of the Game... but it's not! Jesse D
The documents above have unique information that explorers found in the secret worlds. They're all very cool, so check them all out.

How To Enter-
World One Phase Warping About "Shadowing" M2SW Screenshots
World Two The Select/Start Trick About Section Downloads
World Three Scroll Warp Glitch FAQ SW Enemies
Minor Worlds The Chozo Maze Glitch Archive
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