Secret World Three

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First, you must be at the save point toward the top of the Omega Zone (the area that has a bunch of bubbles for blocks). (Diagram 1) From there, fall down to the bottom of the large vertical shaft below it. (2) When you get to the bottom, go right. On the next screen, kill the Moto and then morph into a ball. Then, fall downward along the left wall. (3) While falling, do the select trick. When you see a hole, use the Spider Ball to break your fall, and move upward. From what I have noticed, this hole is particularly easy to open. (4) Go through it... You're in! Pretty cool, huh? (5)

This Secret World has a lot of plants, both harmless and dangerous. However, the dangerous ones can easily be destroyed. While exploring this area, I recommend doing so on full energy.

To save your progress inside of this Secret World read this. From there, you're on your own!

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

-CapCom was the first to find this Secret World while looking for new Phase Warping shortcuts, so he gets the credit :)

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