Phase Warping

Phase Warping is the use of the Select/Start Trick and some Secret Worlds to "warp" directly from one ruin to another, without having to mess with the acid or go all of the way through the main part of the game.

Doing so will dramatically decrease the time it takes you to beat the game. It will also allow you to aquire power-ups long before you're supposed to. To put it in other words, this is called cheating. So, it won't be impressive if you get a rediculously low time because of this trick. But if you're like me, who cares?

From the very start of the game, play it as you normally would by killing the Metroid and advancing to the first ruin. Get all of your power-ups and kill all of the Metroids there as you normally would. Now...

Go outside of the ruin to the right (east) wall. Using the Spider Ball, go up the wall of the ruin to the top, and let yourself fall back down as a ball. While falling, do the select trick. It will take you several tries, but you should eventually open up a hole. When you see the hole in the wall, turn into a Spider Ball to stop your fall. Then proceed upward and advance through the hole.

After you go through the hole, you'll fall into a large empty area with a textured background. You'll fall for a few screens. Dont move back and forth! Just fall straight down or it won't work!

You'll end up in the passage in the ceiling above the second ruin of the game. Bomb your way out, and then let yourself fall down to the main entrance to the second ruin. Collect all of the power-ups and kill all of the Metroids, then repeat the Select Trick on the left (west) side of this ruin. There are two walls that face west, so I'd recommend the taller one. It's difficult because of those damned Senjoos moving around. Introduce them to your beam canon. Then, stand on the ledge that sticks out at the top of the wall. Jump up (with the High Jump Boots) and do the Select Trick as you fall. When you can get a hole, go through it, and hold down and right on your D-pad as you fall.

You'll land at the third ruin. Get all the power-ups and kill all the Metroids there, like you did before. Doing the Select Trick on the right side of this ruin just puts you in the passage in the celing above the first ruin. If you missed something in the previous two ruins, then go for it. Otherwise, if you've gotten every item and killed every single Metroid, then you can go ahead and proceed to the fourth ruin and play the game as you normally would.

After killing out all of the Zeta Metroids in the fourth ruin, kill out all four Omegas as you normally would. After they're all dead and the tremmor is triggered, enter Secret World 3. From where you have entered, space jump straight up. As you may already know, you are in a shadow of the outside of the final (Queen's) ruin, so enter the first hole in the ceiling from the left, and refill all of your energy and missiles. Then, go back down, and into the third hole in the ceiling. Space jump up toward the top, and go left. As the screen fades and the music changes, you are put back into the normal game.

Go back to the right, and fall downward and back outside of the ruin. Go back to the second passage in the ruin, get the ice beam, and then back to the first, and on to the remaining Metroids. The game is back to normal from here.

"What is the point?", you're wondering. The advantages of this trick include saving yourself a lot of time because you're skipping the main part of the game that normally would use up a lot of time. Doing this also allows you to completely avoid most of the acid.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

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