Minor Worlds

Here, in the order that they were found, is a small compilation of other small Secret Worlds found in Metroid 2. Admittedly it's incomplete, but I don't think it's possible to ever complete this section.

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World 1:

This place, a shadow of the shafts in the first ruin in the game, is found in the first ruin of the game (you know, with the Ice Beam and Bomb). In any of the two shafts inside that ruin (the one has the Bomb at the bottom and to the left, the other has the Ice Beam), fall down one of them from the top as a ball. As you're falling, perform the Select Trick. You'll screw around the walls, of course, but will also open up holes. Now as the ball, go through one of these holes. You'll end up in a fairly repetitive area. In the first (and shorter) shaft, I managed to do this, went through, let myself fall, and ended up in a trophy room (and right back out). I shot the sphere to make a bomb item appear. I already had the bomb, so I went ahead and touched it to see what would happen. Instead of a bomb, it gave me an Ice Beam instead! Another interesting thing about this world is that it can eventually throw you in totally different parts of the game! The only one where I didn't end up stuck was in the area below the Varia in the second ruin, in the water with an Alpha Metroid in it.

This world was discovered and sent in by Anomaly, who owns and maintains Ceres II: Extreme Metroid Site. Thanks!


World 2:

This one isn't much of a world, but it acts as a great shortcut! On the far right side of the first ruin (with the Bomb and Ice Beam), fall as a ball and do the Select Trick. It may take numerous tries, and also is very hard to make work (I've only done it 5 times). But when you see a hole, quickly Spider Ball to stop yourself on the wall (you'll kick yourself if you don't; that hole takes forever to get sometimes!), and roll through the hole. (If you can't get the hole to open all the way through, Tell Me.) You'll fall a few screens, and end up in one of the long shafts on the very top of the area of the second ruin (with the Varia). It acts as a great time reducer in the game when you kill out all the Metroids of the Phase of the first ruin and fall straight to the next Phase (with the Varia). So then, you don't have to spend time working through the main part of the game to get there!

Another one I found.


World 3:

This is kind of a dinky area, but it's the only one that you can enter by moving horizontally while doing the Select Trick. Just go to where Samus' ship is, turn into a ball, roll back and forth under the ship, and do the Select Trick. You'll screw around the ship, but you'll also open up holes below it. Then, you'll fall into sort of a maze like area, that has bits of the ship. You can jump right back out of this one to where the ship is, and fall back into it again! Here's a picture of it:

I found this one.


World 4:

I was surfing the Metroid Database Message Board, When I noticed a topic that read: "To Jesse D and other Metroid 2 Secret World Explorers." I decided to look at it, just since I don't normally see my own name in a topic. And this was the body of the message:

Posted by Quirkfinder on August 31, 1998 at 02:44:49:

Another quirk I have found for Metroid 2
is that in the same ruin you find the screw attack,
There is a hidden missle pod and energy tank. (this
makes six tanks total) to get it, remember
the place in the ruin where you got the screw attack?
at the top of the wall turn in to a ball a fall down
next to the wall while doing the select trick. If you
do it right a tunnel should open as you are falling.
quickly spider ball into this tunnel and you are there.
you will fall for about 6 or 7 screens but then you will
land on the pod and tank! (I made a map of it below)

0=samus in ball
:=where tunnel should be
c=boulder (destroy with bomb)

and so on...

I haven't seen this one yet, but I know it's there. Good job!

This area was discovered by Quirkfinder, so all credit here goes to


World 5:

The other day, I got an email from a familiar name of the Metroid Database Message Board that read as follows:

From: "Raven The Raven"


Oh, wow, this is one of the coolest things that has ever hapened to me. I FOUND A SECRET WORLD IN METROID II ! !

At least I think so. (I know I found it, but I think I'm the first one.) The weirdest part is I think it may have been programmed in. And it's not really a world so much as a HUGE shortcut.

Please read the whole thing, because it starts out sounding like some other ones, but ends up very different.

So I was in a ruin (duh). The one where you can get all of the beams; which ever one you want. I was on the left side of the big building, where it's pretty much a long vertical tunnel, with two metroids on the left, and a big puddle at the bottom. (Actually it's more than a puddle, it's pretty deep but it doesn't go anywhere.) Do you know where I'm talking about?

I went up to the top and did the Select Trick. After falling down for quite a while, I finally managed to open up a hole in the LEFT side of the hallway (the one that's made of rock.) I rolled in.

I ended up in a completely empty space (except for the usual background, sort of rocky stuff), falling for a long time. I thought I had found the extra energy tank that was mentioned on your page, but that was done by going on the OTHER side of the building. Since I seemed not to be going anywhere, I started moving to the left. (Since I was on the right side of the screen.) Before I could get too far, however, it stopped just repeating the same empty space, and I found my self in a small horizontal tunnel, not even an entire screen long, surrounded by rock. The tunnel was only big enough for me in ball state, so, I bombed. On the right side of the tunnel, I opened up a hole, down. I bombed again, and a hole opened up below THAT. I kept bombing my way down until I eventually fell out the bottom, falling, until I landed in an area that looked like the area ABOVE where you get the varia (before you go down into the water.) (I honestly can't even remember if there was a passage leading down to the varia or not; my mind was reeling!!) Floating to the left and right of me were distortions, which later turned out to be the spiky guys that you get missles from. I headed left (into the building.)

After a bit of exploration, I found out that I was in the ruin where, after a long hallway filled with those vertical pillars (through which you crawl to get to the varia), you fight one of those popping-up robots. You know; there's a save point on either side of that hallway. I think it might be the varia ruin after all.

It turned out, of course, that this wasn't a secret world so much as a shortcut, way back to near the beginnin of the game. Going back in to that main room, I space-jumped up to the celing (or the left edge; a bit to the right, the celing gets a lot higher) until I could find somewhere to land so I could spiderball my way up to where I fell out and get back (there were spikes on the walls, so I couldn't just spiderball the whole way.)

I thought I'd found my way back, having found an area I could bomb to get into a secret, but actually I hadn't!! I'd found somewhere else!! It just let me through an invisible tunnel (invisible=looks just like the rock it's in), and then to no-where (there was a small tunnel, but I couldn't get to it.) I did find out, however, that if you could get the screen to scroll up (there's one vertical par t where you can turn back into Samus and jump, which gets the screen to scroll up) there was a huge hollow area above.

After a bit more exploration, I found my way back to where I entered, and that, of course, there was no way bakc into the the space where I was falling. All I could go was down, the way I had just came, through the series of bomb blocks.

Being really excited, I turned off my gameboy and e-mailed you.

I really hope I can find some practical use for this shortcut, since it actually leads you BACK in the game; maybe there's something you can do while the enemies are scrambled. Maybe if I'd started moving to the right (during the falling part) sooner, or not at all, I could have ended up somewhere else.



Hoping you'll like my secret area,


Now this sounds like something worth checking out! I will when I have the chance...

(*WHEW!*) This area was discovered by Raven The Raven, so all the credit for this unusually large letter goes to this person here! :P


World 6:

Not too long after finding the area above was found, Raven struck some more! Here's the next email..:

From: Raven The Raven

Subject: YEAH!!!!!

Hey, while I'm here, might I add that I found a SEVENTH energy tank (as well as two more missile tanks)? I can't remember exactly where it was, but it's in the huge secret world you can get to in the room scattered with blocks (near the one I found). It's somewher in one of the numerous celing passageways that seem to litter these secret areas. Try dropping off the bottoms of some screens and hoping you land in a passage. It's one of them. (if I figure out exactly where it was, I'll let you know.)

Oh, and I found another Chozo bits hallway in the shadow of the Varia ruin. As near as I can tell, the only place it leads you is back to the top of the Varia suin shadow, but maybe other places too (did oyu know about this yet? I imagine you do; spider ball onto the ledge that would lead you into the water with the Alpha metroid (you WOULD be underwater here) and roll along the bottom, down the wall ,and the screen will fade. It drops you into a repeating area much like the one that got you into this area.

Hey, speaking of the underwater alpha metroid in the Varia ruin, I also found a horizontal secret world there. (just like the other horizontal secret world, the one under samus' ship, this one doesn't do much. It drops you into a repeating hallway which could probably lead into a few places, but I only got into it once and it just led me to the Jump Ball room. At least now I can say I'm the first one to discover a secret area you can get to horizontally, other than under Samus' ship.

Oh, and speaking of Alpha Metroids (I've got too much time on my hands), I found one in the other really big secret area (last save point of the game). Jump up onto the first ledge (the one I keep getting stuck in ! !), then keep going STRAIGHT. Space jump across, from one to the other, and eventually you should reach an alpha metroid. You know what this means, don't you? If you've already killed all of the regular metroids (just not the queen), once you kill this once, your metroid counter will read ZERO!! I don't know what this will do to the game; (I got stuck in the wall and didn't get a chance to kill it; I haven't been back. I suppose I should try . . .) but chances are it will be something cool.

(I THINK all the information in the previous paragraph is correct. I don't really remember; it might not have even actually been a metroid. Gee, I hope not . . . it scrolled over before I got a good look.)

Anyway, I think I've taken up enough of your time, and probably for stuff you already knew . . . anyways, one parting message to all secret world hunters:
"look for secret worlds in the ending (after you've killed the queen metroid), mainly ones that lead to earlier ruins ! !" I bet you could screw up the game real good if you had a metroid with you earlier in the game ! ! Not to mention, what do you do if you come back and the queen is already dead? I almost found one, but I forgot to Spider Ball and it disappeared. There aren't that many opportunities, anyway.

May you find a million secret worlds within the next ten minutes!!

(Insert Metroid II secret world hunter's secret handshake here)

aka Spazer64

Again, (*WHEW!*) This area was also discovered by Raven The Raven, so again, all the credit for these worlds go here! :P


World 7:

This is pretty cool, it is located in the large room at the end of the game, to the left, and right above the entrance to Secret World #1. Space jump to the top of the room, then drop (like how to enter World #1) and use the select/start trick, a hole should appear in the wall near the bottom, and it will seem like it is not open because a checkered block is there, but you can go through it! Then after you enter you will find a strange shadow of the part with all the Omega Metroids, that have those norfair bubbles. It has a shaft that goes down in the middle, which will drop back behind the hill where you enter World #1. If you go up, you will enter a large area, very similar to world #1, which might actually be part of World #1. And if you go all the way to the left, you will pass into a room with all those destroyable bricks,and if you destroy the bricks and go to the left, you will enter the room with the baby metroid,b ut if you go back to the queen's lair,the queen is gone and the tunnel on the bottom to escape is blocked! But if you go back to the ship, you cannot win the game, and the tunnel to where you entered is blocked.
But check it out, if you need more info e-mail me at Titanium91@aol.com. This is either a New Big World, or an alternate entrance to a different part of world #1.

This one is hard to get into, but it's there! It was coincidentally sent in by TheCraftyTitan and Titanium91 at about the same time, so they both get credit! :)


World 8:

This world is kind of a blocky one... It's also not very big... But, it's still kinda neat :)
From the the second to last ruin of the game (that has the Screw Attack), go right and away from it, like you were about to leave the ruin on your way to the next phase. On your way out, stop at that vertical shaft (that has platforms throughout the middle of it) and kill out all of the bugs in it. If the music has changed, then you've gone too far. Anyway, after you've killed out all of the bugs, fall downward along the left side of this shaft. While falling, do the Select Trick. It may take you a lot of tries before you get a hole to open up, but stay persistent!
Once the hole opens up, proceed through. If you're in another vertical shaft full of blastable blocks, then you're in!

If you have any trouble trying to find this area, feel free to Email Me.


World 9:

I've been checking out an almost unexplored area lately. This area is below the third ruin, in the almost vertical "sewer system." This is below the room with the save point and the hole in the floor Go down into the shaft. Next, go to the platform on the wall that is directly above the door on the left of the shaft. Use the spider ball to stick to the bottom of the platform. Then after this, drop while doing the Select/Start Trick. A tunnel may appear in several places on the wall. Most of the time when you enter you'll get stuck, but once in a while, you will enter into it.

This one is really hard to get into, but all you have to do is stay persistent! It was sent in by Titanium91, but has been previously seen by CapCom as well.


World 10:

(View Screenshots)

This Secret World is an unusual part of the Chozo Maze. It's a shadow of the Queen's ruin, basically. It has really screwed up Metroids in it (if you haven't already killed them) amongst the really screwed up ruin. It looks just like the Chozo Maze, excluding the hall above the queens room, the hall above that, and even the Queens room...
To enter, go to the Arachnus room of the second ruin, where you get the Spring Ball. Then, turn into a ball (it works better that way). On the floor, roll back and forth and then do the Start/Select trick. It will, of course, take several tries. When done right, you should see a hole in the floor about where the door is. Fall in, and you'll enter the Chozo Maze. Just let yourself fall for about four screens. You'll notice a slight change in scenery (the scrambled up Metroid that attaches onto is the dead giveaway). You'll find yourself in a shadowed Queen's ruin, which you can easily explore from there if you know where you are.
To the bottom and right of the room with Metroids is the hallway above the Queen's room. There, you can save your progress.
This area might end up being far beyond a "Minor World." Stay tuned... We might just be looking at a Secret World #4! CapCom is the founder of this potential Major World :)


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