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Crawling Glitch-

This is simple. Find an enemy on a shootable block, and shoot the block. The enemy will float in the air and spin in circles until the block reappears, if it does. This glitch is common in all three Metroid games, and many others of Nintendo's past.

Delayed Bounce-

Before acquiring the Spider Ball, fall off of a ledge as a ball. Before you hit the ground, hold down on the control pad. After you've landed, release. Notice that Samus didn't bounce on impact, but instead after you release down on the directional pad. You can hold it as long as you want, but when you release, only then will Samus bounce! Also, you can do this with the Spider Ball. Simply land on the ground as a sticky ball, press the A button to return to a normal ball. Only when Samus returns to a normal ball will she bounce.

Door Glitch-

The Door glitch will get Samus through a bubble door, without having to shoot at it. First, go to the fourth ruin (that has the Zeta Metroids) and go into the vertical area with all of the bubble doors (that each protect a different beam item). Then, stand on the edge in front of a door, and next to one of the floating robots. Let it attack you. As you're hit, you'll be forced backwards and through the door. Sometimes you'll be stuck in it.

Empty Area-

This an interesting little glitch (only not really). First, you need the spring ball. After that has been aquired, go toward the upper left corner of the second-ruin-area, outside of the ruin, with the spider ball. Actually, it's not the upper upper left, but kind of down and left, below the small spikey cavern that has an Alpha Metroid and energy ball in it. Five bucks if you understood that :)
Anyway, it's a place where you can bomb a hole in the ceiling to uncover a secret passage. Enter it and go right. There should be a missile pod there, unless you already found it. Then that passage should end. Go all the way to the end of it and hold down the A-button. As Samus bounces, the screen slowly inches upward, uncovering an empty area, where that cavern with the Metroid should be.

Falling Metroid Glitch-

Let a Metroid latch on, turn into a ball, and fall downward. While you fall, none of your energy is lost.

Goo Glitch-

This one is kind of like a Secret World, except that you can enter it without using the Select Trick. At the game's final save point, go all the way to the left, down, and right, to the first puddle of goo that you see in the hallway. Note that there is a trap (an invisible hole) in the middle of it. While in the goo, turn into a ball, and allow yourself to fall down that hole. Once the screen scrolls downward, immediately stop yourself on a wall with the Spider Ball. Now, don't move anywhere or you won't stay in place. Simply set a bomb, and let it propel you upward. Once you're up higher, stop yourself with the Spider Ball again, and repeat until you reach the top. When it scrolls upward again, notice anything different

Alpha Glitch-

This little glitch allows you to make a hit upon an Alpha Metroid before the fight begins. This will only work if the Metroid doesn't mutate into a Gamma when the fight begins. To do it, simply fire a missile at it while it's looking the other way. Nothing will happen, but once it notices you, it'll take damage. This will only make one hit on the Metroid, despite how many missiles you shoot at it before the fight.

Missile Refill Glitch-

This glitch "cancels" the Screw Attack sound. Simply Space Jump (with the Screw Attack) through a missile (or energy, by the way) refill, and the sound effect won't activate again until you press the A button again.

Saving Glitch-

This is actually a glitch that Nintendo knew about and took measures avoid, but Secret Worlds are what make it possible. Basically, if the save point to too close to the edge of an area, then as the game is started up, Samus will move in the direction of the edge while the startup music is playing, making the screen scroll in that direction. If there are any walls there, then Samus will simply pass through them, and get stuck. Nintendo knew about this and put the save posts in places where this wouldn't happen, but thanks to the placement of different tiles in Secret Worlds, this can happen.

Saving Post Glitch-

This is a simple glitch which makes Samus fall off of the save post as the game starts up. To do it, you need the Spider Ball. On top of a save post, turn into a Spider Ball. You'll notice that the "Save... Press Start" prompt on the bottom of the screen has dissapeared. Now, move to the left or right edge of the post. You'll notice that for a split second, that prompt will appear. If you time it right, you can hit the start button, making the game save. When this is done right, Samus will fall off of the post as you start the game again.

Scrolling Glitch-

This glitch is also known as the "Scroll Warp Glitch," and is covered in that section.
This glitch came off of David Wonn's Unique Glitch Site.

Septogg Glitch-

Septoggs are the strange, harmless critters with wings that suspend themselves in the air. Samus can stand on top of them, and when she does, they slowly ascend to the ground. However, when Samus turns into a Spider Ball while on top of one, it moves upward.

Select/Start Glitch-

The Select/Start Glitch is covered in it's own section as well. It's also known as the Select Trick, or also the Start Trick. It's basically the repetitive pressing of the select or start buttons to mess up the scenery. As the game's data is being processed inside the Gameboy, the rapid pressing of either button interferes, causing some data to be processed incorrectly. When this happens, blocks are put in the wrong place, or they might not be put there at all.

Tangleweed Glitch-

Tangleweed is that destroyable plant growth that can damage Samus. You'll notice that it only harms her as she's moving vertically. When you move horizontally through it, it doesn't hurt at all. Is that a glitch?

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