Secret World Three

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Saving your game in SW3 is pretty difficult to explain, so that's why I've put together this separate guide.
Upon entrance to Secret World 3, space jump straight upward. (Diagram 1) When you begin to see a clearing in the blockage to the left, cease the space jump and proceed through it to the left. (2) Then, continue left to the first "Rocketing M" (animated, harmless creature). (3) From that point, continue to the left until you see the second "M." Stand on it, and then jump upward, to the left of the blockage. (3)
Once you have proceeded upward, continue to space jump upward. (4) You will see a row of blocks upon which you can save your game!
As you can see, SW3 is the most difficult Secret World to move around in, and even more difficult to explain. If you have any problems, I'm open to email.

If you have any questions or comments about this secret world, feel free to Email Me. I'm here to help if you don't understand.

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