Updates 2001 Updates 2002

November 4, 2000

-There are four new glitches in the Glitch Archive,
-There are three new screwed up critters in the Enemies Section that need names. :)
-I took some pretty wild screenshots of Minor World 10,
-I decided to relocate the hidden page to an easier location...

September 18, 2000

-Ack! I forgot about the "Goo Glitch!" It's in the Glitch Archive now. :)

September 17, 2000

-The new Glitch Archive section has been added.

September 8, 2000

-I added a movie of the new 3D Metroid demo to the Cool Stuff Archive,
-Also, there is a hidden section of this site. Find it if you can :P
+(Hint, looking at the source of each page will do you no good.)
-And there is an insignifigantly slight addition to the intro.

August 24, 2000

-A New Metroid Game has been announced!?
Click the following links for more info:
1st Metroid 4 Picture
2nd Metroid 4 Picture
IGN's Metroid 4 Article
IGN's new GameCube site (has preview movie)
Nintendo's Spaceworld Site

August 17, 2000

-A new trick called the Scroll Warp Glitch has been added,
-There are more SW Enemy names,
-Some graphics have been modified,
-Some sections have better layouts.

July 17, 2000

-Fixed another major screenshot problem in all of the screenshot sections,
-The animated GIF's for SW's 1-3 have been slightly modified...

July 11, 2000

-Fixed a MAJOR screenshot problem in most of the sections.

July 7, 2000

-There is now an online text version of this site here,
-There are some more SW Enemies names,
-On a side note, the Alt. Entrances project has been cancelled until further notice...

July 1, 2000

-Just a small update... the newsletter subscription form is back online!!!!

June 29, 2000

-The Shadowing section was revised again- this time with a very technical explanation,
-There are a few more links in the Links section.

June 24, 2000

-New page logo! How do you like it?
-CapCom discovered a mysterious Secret World called Minor World #10,
-A new section called The Chozo Maze has been added,
-And the navigational map within the different sections is better organized.

May 5, 2000

-More screenshots of Secret World 3! (From here to here.)
-A few more screenshots of Secret World 1,
-There is a new guide which explains how to save your game in SW3,
-A new creature in the Enemies section from SW3,
-There is an example of SW3 in the Shadowing section,
-The Shadowing section was revised (it needed it[badly])

April 5, 2000

-The About section is up,
-The all new SW Enemies section is up,
-Minor World 9 was discovered,
-There are some more screenshots of SW1,
-The "Alternate Entrances" section will be the next project!

March 20, 2000

-SW1, 2 and 3 all have cooler layouts for their directions,
-There are more pictures for SW2, so it's easier to save your game,
-CapCom made maps of SW2 in the CSA which are much more detailed and very well done,
-SW3 has made Phase Warping even better (for better game time),
-Two more sections, "M2SW Enemies" and "Alternate Entrances" are under the works.

March 15, 2000

-Fixed a minor bug in the layout... apparentely this site looks better on Macs, IE or Netscape... in several different versions...
-Now, this part of the site should look better with Windows 95/98 browsers.
-Be expecting some new sections soon!

March 6, 2000

-The newest Secret World has been added!
-There are screenshots and an animated GIF for it,
-There is also a new Minor World,
-Phase Warping has just gotten easier,
-And saving your game in SW2 has also gotten easier!

Feb. 25, 2000

-The 2000 Deluxe is officially done... temporary name, but the look stays!
-There is a new look (again) to the navigation bar
-I made my own letter for the CSA!
-Get this-- an easier save point in SW2!
-I know the mailing list for is still down, but you can still email me to be subscribed!

Feb. 21, 2000

-Just minor things... there are now guidelines for submitting a new Secret World,
-The text version of this site has been updated, and
-The FAQ has been redone.

Feb. 12, 2000

-New stuff in the Cool Stuff Archive! A new letter, and some new Secret World maps by CapCom!
-There's a new Minor World,
-The new category thing to the left,
-New ship buttons to the right...
-Quit asking me for help on Metroid 2! If you want help, click here!

Jan. 21, 2000

-As you can see, the M2SW has moved to http://m2sw.zophar.net ! Thanks to Zophar's Domain for hosting!
-All of the images are now compressed into a zip format, so you can download all of them from the CSA,
-Put some more examples in the Shadowing section, and
-There are some more screenshots of SW2!

Jan. 7, 2000

-The M2SW has upgraded into the M2SW 2000 Deluxe! Like the new look?
-I fixed a minor bug in the screenshot section, so now there are more screenshots in page two of SW2!
-I've redone some label graphics on the different sections, and
-I've spiffed up the CSA a little bit!