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Secret World Pic The unseen depths of SR-388...

This webpage is the first and only guide to the glitches of Metroid II: Return of Samus for Nintendo's Gameboy. Some are small, insignificant glitches while others are new, expansive regions of the game never yet seen by human eyes. Here, you'll find explanations of everything known about these glitches as well as entry guides and an expansive collection of screenshots. The rest, I leave to you to discover for yourself.

-Jesse D

October 24, 2004

-Just a quick update to tell everyone that I'm alive and well, yadda-yadda-nobody-cares. I got on to update everyone to my updated e-mail address. Since about May, has not been working, as I only recently deduced. Any and all e-mail to send to me should be sent to So, to anybody who has tried to contact me within the last six months, you'll need to try that again. I know I consistently do that, but I promise it won't happen again!

Anyway, the M2SW still isn't dead. The fabled "Project SR-388" is still kinda not done, but it shouldn't yet be dismissed as a vapor-page. Expect a "Beyond the Limits" feature in the near future as well, work and school permitting. The "secret page" has been sorta removed, so again, if you found it in the last 6 months and never got your name on the page, sorry. That goes to you too, Kabutroid. In my tradition of ripping off other people's ideas, expect another one in the future. ;)

Also, if you haven't already, check out M2Edit! The more attention it gets, the more likely it will get new, better features! So for now, over and out, and I'll be more responsive to e-mail, I promise!

May 13, 2004

-Yeah, Spring Break was a month ago, call me a liar. None the less, here's another typical "I'm-alive" to keep the stagnance known as this updates segment a little bit stirred up. E3 has come, so in my established tradition I put up another "She's Back" page, you'll see it to the right where the Zero Misson one was.

Some day, I'll actually get Project SR-388 on the road. School is out, so expect that along with another little feature I'm putting together in the future.

March 10, 2004

-M2Edit (Metroid 2 editor) is finally released to the public. Information can be found on its subpage below or to the right.

Expect more updates in the forseeable free time I'll have in the future (around my Spring Break or so).

February 29, 2004

-I made a few more simple updates, including some new SW enemies as well as a remodeled links section. I also made some small graphical enhancements, including a small animated website banner, courtesy of MrMissileMisser.
I've also been working on a side project, though its completion is still some time off. Here's the tentative logo...

That's all for now.

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